New Service: ownCloud

Owncloud is basically an open source Dropbox replacement. You can use owncloud to store data and documents and access them from anywhere. You can also synchronize you files between multiple devices.
There are clients for Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android, i am uncertain about iOS though.
In order to Access you files you don’t need the client though, you can also access all files via the webinterface and many operating Systems support the webdav protocol in their file managers. In Windows for example you can map your ownCloud as Network Drive. Continue reading New Service: ownCloud

Migrating Postfix and Dovecot from a MySQL User-Database to Active Directory

When I set up my Active Directory, I wanted to migrate all services at home to authenticate against it. Now that I had the AD running and a few not so critical services used it, it was time finally migrate this one. I don’t have an Exchange-Server at home(nor do I want one) and my colleague who tested Openchange said it is not quite ready yet. So I will have to do without Exchange-extensions for the AD. I will still be able to do the basic management for my mail users in the AD, but I won’t be able to use any of the exchange extensions or tools for it. Continue reading Migrating Postfix and Dovecot from a MySQL User-Database to Active Directory

Quick Tip: when buying Software check other EU countries

My Kaspersky Anti Virus recently ran out. Kaspersky offered me to cheaply upgrade my license for another year for only 30EUR. That seemed somewhat pricey to me. After a quick search i found better offers in Germany for a single license. And a quick check of amazon uk revealed, that i can get a 3 PC license for around 12GBP and a 3 PC license of pure for around 11GBP.
Kaspersky offers free software updates to the current version as long as your license is still active, so there really is no point in buying the most current version of Kaspersky. I doubt that the offer in the uk was the best but it was very cheap compared to Germany and amazon UK delivers very fast.

Linksys SPA 3102 – Making it Work with Asterisk

I wanted to look into asterisk a little, but that only makes sense if I have some kind of telephone line for it. I don’t have a VOIP line that I could simply move to an asterisk install, but I do however have an analog telephone line which don’t use so far. Naturally I wanted to use that and since this was mostly for messing around a little I wanted to keep the costs low. Continue reading Linksys SPA 3102 – Making it Work with Asterisk

Authenticating Subsonic Against an Active Directory

One of the Services running on my Server is the Subsonic streaming server. Subsonic is an open source project and has some very nice features like on the fly transcoding to match a certain bandwidth and web based playback of videos and music. I mostly use it for the video playback on my phone or Laptop, but my family has access to it as well. Continue reading Authenticating Subsonic Against an Active Directory

Setting up an Active Directory with Samba

Have you ever been annoyed by all the Account information you need to remember?
Well i have been, so it was time that i started doing something to ease the burden at least in my home network. Originally i wanted to build something with openldap, but if i was going to do something ldap based, i could build an Active directory just as well. Continue reading Setting up an Active Directory with Samba