Building a ZFS Fileserver

I decided to finally split my File-server from my Hypervisor. Mainly because there were some issues with my the System not liking one of my RAID Controllers resulting in all kinds of funky error Messages.
I found some nice used Hardware at a good enough price but i still had to decide on the Software. After asking around in the forums and reading up on it a little, it was clear that at this point the only real option was something with zfs. Continue reading Building a ZFS Fileserver

Server Maintanance 13.06.2012

My replacement Harddisk should arrive tomorrow. If that Happens the Fileserver will go down between 19:00-21:00. The replacement should take less than 30 minutes but i got a few Video encodes running and time it with them.
Most anything not Media related should still be available during the downtime and i will update this once everything is up and running again.

Update 12.06.2012: Since DHL Express apparently means “make a useless Stop somewhere else and don’t deliver on time” the downtime is rescheduled for tomorrow