ASUS K53TA Overclocking

I have an ASUS K53T AMD A6 3400M Laptop. I bought it almost a year ago, because I wanted a cheap machine with some gaming capability. Recently the video encoder I am using, gained the capability for distributed encoding of mkv source material. Distributed encoding is great since it speeds everything up and I don’t lose as much time when I stop encoding on my main Machine for some gaming.
Unfortunately the A6-3400 is not the fastest processor, it is in fact only a 1.4GHz Quadcore. So naturally I looked into my overclocking options. Continue reading ASUS K53TA Overclocking

Starting with Nagios

My Home IT has grown quite a bit over the last years. I am now at a point where a problem can have causes in a bunch of different machines.
This means, that i actually can spend quite some time to identify the service that has the problem. For example if my SQL Server goes down a lot of other services will not work anymore, but i might only see that my Mediacentre stopped working or that i can’t log into my E-Mail account anymore. Continue reading Starting with Nagios