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OpenVPN and subsonic Server changes

I retired the old OpenVPN Server.

If you have still been connecting with the old VPN Server, shoot me an E-Mail and ill set you up with access to the new server.

I will also disable all old (non ldap) accounts in subsonic in the new year. If you still have an old account and want to keep using it, E-Mail me.

You will be able to use the new account for:
– E-Mail ( you will get a username [at] skelleton [dot] net address)
– Owncloud (online File/calendar/contac sync) you could use that like Dropbox
– Subsonic
– This blog (for commenting and accessing internal areas)
– VPN authentication

E-Mail and Blog access will be given to every account, the rest off the stuff you can choose as you need. You won’t have to use the E-Mail actively, but it will be used for internal stuff.

New Service: ownCloud

Owncloud is basically an open source Dropbox replacement. You can use owncloud to store data and documents and access them from anywhere. You can also synchronize you files between multiple devices.
There are clients for Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android, i am uncertain about iOS though.
In order to Access you files you don’t need the client though, you can also access all files via the webinterface and many operating Systems support the webdav protocol in their file managers. In Windows for example you can map your ownCloud as Network Drive. Continue reading New Service: ownCloud

Server Maintanance 13.06.2012

My replacement Harddisk should arrive tomorrow. If that Happens the Fileserver will go down between 19:00-21:00. The replacement should take less than 30 minutes but i got a few Video encodes running and time it with them.
Most anything not Media related should still be available during the downtime and i will update this once everything is up and running again.

Update 12.06.2012: Since DHL Express apparently means “make a useless Stop somewhere else and don’t deliver on time” the downtime is rescheduled for tomorrow

Server Hardware upgrade and other changes 23.05-28.05.2012

I got the missing disks now, so i will start the working on the changes i originally planned for earlier this month.
There will be a small downtime on Wednesday for a few preparations this one should be under one hour. After that i will start transferring the data. Once the first data transfer is complete there is going to be a major downtime because i will need to swap around some hardware. It is likely that all media related services will be much slower or not available at all during the weekend.
I will announce once everything is up and running again.

Server Upgrades and Downtime April/May 2012 Edit 07.05.12

Edit: the downtime did not happen, because i am still missing 2 disks. Once i got those disks i will set a new time.

I purchased Hardware for a new storage server. Unfortunately i could not afford enough harddisks to simply move all the data to the new server.

Because of this i will have to move one controller and all the harddisks on it to the new server and obviously i will have to shut down the server for this. Depending on when all my Hardware arrives the downtime will either be on the last weekend in April or the first weekend in May, i will specify this as soon as i know.

During the entire time there is also a chance that data access is slower then usual when i am transferring data to the new server, i do not think that it will have much impact on remote use but i am not certain.

There will be no changes for remote users of my systems after the update is done, the new server will only act as backend.