Why the Star Citizen Demo at Gamescom had to happen the way it did

Star Citizen GlaiveThere has been quite a bit of critique towards Star Citizen lately. Some of that even swapped over into the mainstream tech news here in Germany.
On the other hand I have been told by quite a few people that they read gaming news and they no idea about some of the new features of the game.
Especially the Gamescom multi crew demo was something a lot of people were unaware of. Continue reading Why the Star Citizen Demo at Gamescom had to happen the way it did

What is worth the wait at Gamescom 2015

The Gamescom just opened today and I was able to get a wild card ticket to get in for half a day during the press day. Overall it was very nice since the wait for the shows was bearable today.

If you are headed to the Gamescom this year, you might wonder what could be worth standing in line for. I was not able to see everything but here are my top picks from the stuff that I did see:

Fallout 4

It was one of the main reasons I went to Gamescom this year. The game itself looks great. That being said I am somewhat skeptical about how they present the S.P.E.C.I.A.L and the Perk system.

Also I would prefer it if they involved Obsidian in Fallout 4. New Vegas was just so much more awesome than Fallout 3.

The Booth looked quite impressive on the outside:Fallout_4_Booth_outside

And they even decorated the inside of their cinema, which is quite unusual:Fallout_4_Booth_inside

Deus Ex Humanity Divided:

The game looks very interesting and the show has quite a bit of game play in it. The gist is It is a lot like the last part of the series but they did improve combat quite a bit. Also there is bribery going on: For visiting the show you get one of these:Deus_Ex_Figurine


I love the x-com games so I am biased here, but you get a glimpse of the strategic game play that was not shown during the E3.
The new mobile Headquarter seems like it could bring some fresh new ideas to XCOM without disrupting to core game play.

You should have a look yourself and since this is a PC only games the lines should not be too long


Other things to check out:

VR is a huge topic this year and you can test quite a few different VR solutions. I tested the Occulus last year and it was quite fun. So if you have never tested VR goggles you should take this chance to get an impression of the technology.
While VR is great and will add a lot towards the imersion in gaming. It’s probably best to wait till all the big name companies release their VR products and then pick the one that is best supported by all the games. On PC that might end up being the HTC VR Googles since they are backed by Valve.

If you are interested in RPGs and have yet to play Pillars of Eternity, there are two computers where you can test it in the Paradox booth in hall 9. You will probably love it and they will have to involve security to remove you from the computer but it’s well worth it trust me.
Unfortunately there wasn’t anything about the upcoming addon.

Another very promising Kickstarter game that you might want to check out is Kingdom Come: Deliverance. They have a small Booth in the indie area in hall 10.

Elite Dangerous has quite a big presence and a very cool booth:Elite_Dangerous_Booth

It’s also supposed to be a great game to hold you over till Star Citizen releases fully. It’s on my to buy list at least.

Last but not least, there is a small handheld SteamMachine presented right next to the HTC/Steam VR Googles.It is called Smach Zero and it’s worth to keep an eye out for this.

I had a little chat with the team there and if they can keep their promises this would be a very cool gadget.
It is a small handheld device running Steam OS and supposedly able to play all SteamOS games at 720p offline(so no streaming) on the go.
It will also be able to connect to a TV via HDMI and have Bluetooth to connect peripherals.

I don’t usually do Mobile gaming but with the kind of horsepower needed for 720p gaming and the size it has, it could make a really great Media Center client. And since SteamOS is just Linux, it will probably not be very hard to get the needed software running.
And they aim to release it for 299EUR which is fairly affordable.

I forgot to take pictures of the booth, but here is the flyer if you are interested:

Edit: It seems like Star Citizen has a Booth now in hall 10.1. Go check it out. I still don’t like that I did not get to see it, but no reason for you to miss out.
They are also Listed in the Gamescom app now, so I guess they just skipped the press day.


Every Year there is a few Games that disappoint by not showing up or just putting no effort into it. Those are my picks this year.

Total War: Warhammer

Their Booth looked so promising:Total_War_Warhammer_Booth

But what they did show was only this video

One of they staff was commenting it live, but If you follow the game you know this already. If you don’t know it already, its worth watching though. Especially since their cinema is public, so you won’t have to wait.

Wasteland 2 was missing

I was not able to find Wasteland 2. Maybe they show it only in the business area or they show a video on the Deepsilver main stage during the other days. But I was hoping to get my hands on the new and improved Wasteland 2 already.

If you go to Gamescom tell me your favorite