claims the rights to the word “Saga” in Video Game Titles

I apologize in advance about this rant, but I need to get this off my chest.

I seriously hope this is a bad joke. But from this fairly convincing forum post it seems like not only claims this word to be its trademark.

It looks like they want to sue Stoic Studios for infringing on this trademark with their really great game The Banner Saga.

This ridiculous for the following reasons:

  • The Banner Saga Kickstarter was started before Candy Crush Saga was officially released
  • while published other saga games before (since 2011 according to the legal documents) the only one most people have ever heard of is Candy Crush Saga which came out in April 2012
  • There have been plenty of games with Saga in the title before 2011 by other Companies.
  • The Banner Saga is a game in a Nordic Setting and the way the story plays out and is narrated is pretty close to the definition of Saga ( unlike Candy Crush Saga)
  • There is absolutely no chance of confusing those 2 Games they are very different genres, with very different settings and they are targeted at vastly different audiences
  • Both games are on different Plattforms
  • This is just stupid patent trolling

I hope Stoic will fight this. And if they need to kickstarter the legal fees I will chip in.

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