OpenVPN and subsonic Server changes

I retired the old OpenVPN Server.

If you have still been connecting with the old VPN Server, shoot me an E-Mail and ill set you up with access to the new server.

I will also disable all old (non ldap) accounts in subsonic in the new year. If you still have an old account and want to keep using it, E-Mail me.

You will be able to use the new account for:
– E-Mail ( you will get a username [at] skelleton [dot] net address)
– Owncloud (online File/calendar/contac sync) you could use that like Dropbox
– Subsonic
– This blog (for commenting and accessing internal areas)
– VPN authentication

E-Mail and Blog access will be given to every account, the rest off the stuff you can choose as you need. You won’t have to use the E-Mail actively, but it will be used for internal stuff.