Hardware: Shimian 27” IPS

At the CeBIT I have been given the chance to acquire a new 27” IPS with a resolution of 2560×1440 for a very low price. Naturally I took that offer. Now that I have had time to test the screen a little, I want to share my thoughts on it. I have never heard of the company before and they were looking for German distributors at the CeBIT.

First off: the Model I got has only a Dual Link DVI connector. While this is somewhat limiting it is also one of the main reasons for the very low price. There is also no OSD and only three of the buttons on the back actually have a function. Those buttons are the Power Button and the Brightness Buttons. This means that colour settings have to be done with the video card driver. However the colours on my Screen look great right out of the Box, this might be because my screen was used on the showroom in the CeBIT.

While I usually prefer my 24” in 16:10, I like the 16:9 Format here. I still have more screen space than my 24” screens have thanks to the higher resolution and at the same time I do not loose any screen space when watching 16:9 formatted media. The Picture looks great while watching movies and gaming. I have not noticed any issues with input lag either. Some tech sites suggest, that Shimian is using the same panel as Apple does for their Cinema display but allows for more dead pixels. This seems definitely possible and my screen does have 2 dead pixels. While dead pixels are never good, I don’t actually notice them while gaming or watching movies. If you sit directly in front of the screen it is huge and the pictures it produces are impressive. The quality of the pictures is a lot better than the quality on my old Samsung SyncMaster 245B screens. If you have never seen a 27” Screen before, the picture below has my new Shimian Screen on the left and my old SyncMaster 245B (24”) on the right. WP_Shimian27_1_resize

The back looks like this:
As mentioned earlier only the top three of the buttons on the left side seem to have a function.

If you care very much about things such as dead Pixels, many configuration and connection options, then this screen is probably not for you. If you want a cheap screen, that is fairly large, has an IPS panel and produces great pictures, then you should look if you can buy those Shimian screens already.

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