New Service: ownCloud

Owncloud is basically an open source Dropbox replacement. You can use owncloud to store data and documents and access them from anywhere. You can also synchronize you files between multiple devices.
There are clients for Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android, i am uncertain about iOS though.
In order to Access you files you don’t need the client though, you can also access all files via the webinterface and many operating Systems support the webdav protocol in their file managers. In Windows for example you can map your ownCloud as Network Drive.

If you want to check it out, tell me to add you to the user group and click here.
Your login for wordpress/subsonic should work. If it doesn’t work after is added you to the group, you probably have an old account. In this case i will have to create a new account for you (which is a good idea anyway since will probably disable all old accounts some when this year).

Please note:
1.Currently i can’t enable server side encryption because it does not work with my user back end. This means i can have full access to your files if i want to. I will change that once encryption works with my user back end. If you need something stored in encrypted form, encrypt it before uploading.
2.The calendar and contacts currently synchronize with horde. I consider horde the lead System for both and if i can’t synchronize both,i might disable the calendar and contact modules in ownCloud.
3. Synchronizing with the clients, the webinterface and webdav seem to work as they should. For some reason i can’t map a drive to the webdav however. I’m still looking into that, but it might take a while since guild wars is releasing soonish.

Mapping WebDav as Drive works, but the GUI seems buggy. Use the command line to map it as a drive:

NET USE * password /USER:username

If you tried mapping it with the GUI and failed, reboot before using the command line.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work with https, so if you need a secure connection use the sync client from or use the webinterface.

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