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Overview of the Services i am running last edit 12.07.2012:
12.07.2012: change to DNS


  • Proxy address is or if your using my internal DNS
  • Proxy Port is 3128
  • works only while you are connected to the vpn
  • current Proxy rules only allow for contacting the standard http and https ports.
  • Setup in FireFox: Click the orange Firefox Button in the Top Left -> Options -> Options (click) -> in the new window select Advanced and then Network -> Click the Settings Button -> Set it to Manual Proxy -> Fill out HTTP Proxy and Port with the Information from above -> fill out the same for HTTPS Proxy
  • once your disconnect from the VPN you will have to revert the changes since you will be unable to reach the proxy
  • Setup in Internet Explorer: Install any other Browser and use that
  • you can use it if your current open internet connection is absolutely not thrustworthy or censored
  • Please note the the proxy runs with the standard logging of squid so i can see what Pages are requested and such if you do not want me to be able see that this method is not for you
  • if you don’t trust me with the proxy or you need reroute games and such you can also adjust the gateway of the VPN


  • you can reach the primary webinterface at
  • the secondary webinterface is at
  • both require https they are not server with the normal http
  • to login you need to use your full E-Mail address as username
  • imaps: port: 143 requires TLS and plain authentication
  • smtp: port: 25 requires TLS authentication
  • mobile exchange/active sync server:
  • i only use the active sync for contacts and calendar but it should work for mail too
  • if you need any address contact me


You can reach my streaming server at You will need a login, if you don’t have one ask me for one. You should be able to stream any media on my server with it. Please notify me if something doesn’t work as expected.


Downloads can be done through the Streaming Server but it is not the recommended method. The best Option for download is my internal FTP server. Please note that you need to be connected to my VPN in order to connect to the FTP server. The FTP Server address is it is an anonymous FTP so you don’t need any login.


If you need DNS for any reason i.e. you provider DNS-Blocks websites you wish to visit, you can use while your connected to my VPN. Should that not be enough there is also a proxy running and you could tunnel all you internet traffic through the VPN. It is best if you contact me if you need Help setting that up.
The old server is still available for the time being, but internal changes in dns might not get updated on the old server.

Music Metadata

If your tagging a large MP3 collection you might be able to speed it up by using my musicbrainz mirror: port: 3000. I update it somewhat regularly and unlike the public one it doesn’t limit the amount of connects in a certain timeframe. You can only use this server while connected to the VPN.

download newsletter

If you wish to know what my server downloaded recently you can subscribe for the download log at The newsletter is usually sent at lunch time, please not that it can get quite a few mails especially if there is backlog download going on. If you do not wish to receive the newsletter anymore you can unsubscribe at the same page. This site can only be reached while you connected to the VPN


Owncloud is intended as a dropbox replacement. You can put your files there and synchronize them over many different devices. You can also use your owncloud space as a drive in windows, i explained how in this article. Currently it doesn’t support server side encryption, so i if you put anything remotely sensitive there you should encrypt it before uploading. If you want access to owncloud, i can put you in the necessary group. Once you are in the group just go to thisĀ  address and log in with your usual account:

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