Server Upgrades and Downtime April/May 2012 Edit 07.05.12

Edit: the downtime did not happen, because i am still missing 2 disks. Once i got those disks i will set a new time.

I purchased Hardware for a new storage server. Unfortunately i could not afford enough harddisks to simply move all the data to the new server.

Because of this i will have to move one controller and all the harddisks on it to the new server and obviously i will have to shut down the server for this. Depending on when all my Hardware arrives the downtime will either be on the last weekend in April or the first weekend in May, i will specify this as soon as i know.

During the entire time there is also a chance that data access is slower then usual when i am transferring data to the new server, i do not think that it will have much impact on remote use but i am not certain.

There will be no changes for remote users of my systems after the update is done, the new server will only act as backend.


Installing WordPress

The install is pretty straight forward and well documented on the official site. I did have a little problem though.

After the Database setup it refused to do the install. At first is suspected the Database and searched there for a while, after that didn’t turn up anything i started comparing the configs of the live machine and the test machine. Luckily there were not too many differences:

Make sure the memory_limit parameter in the php.ini does not exceed 1G or 1024M. WordPress will absolutely not work if it is set to 2G. If you change it to 2048M the homepage will work but any sites on *domain*/wp-admin/* won’t.

To make everything work you can set it to a maximum of 1024M. I hope lowering it will not have too much effect on the other things the server is doing.

The only thing that was logged in Apache was “[notice] child pid * exit signal Segmentation fault (11)”

The browsers would only give you connection reset or connection has been lost.

The following Versions were used: WordPress 3.3.1; Apache 2.2.16 and php 5.3.3