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Rescuing Data from a Buffalo Link Station with failed a RAID

Recently I was confronted with a Buffalo LinkStation which had a failed RAID0. The data on it was important, and the customer did not have any current backups. The were a lot of huge red flag warning signs that seemed to suggest a disk possibly going bad, but the the guy at the customers location that doubled as IT happily ignored those. Buffalos willingness to support this problem extended to replacing bad hard disks, since all data on a failed RAID0 is considered irrecoverably lost by them. That was not entirely unexpected to hear of a tier one support worker though.
I did a little digging and found out, that those LinkStations use some fairly common tools under the hood. So I agreed to have a look, but made it clear that I might not be able to get anything back. The customer wanted me to try anyway and I got a good amount of the data back. The Article describes how. Continue reading

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